About Radiation Test Solutions, Inc.

Radiation Test Solutions, Inc. (RTS) is the world leader in radiation effects testing and analysis of semiconductor devices and materials for space, airborne and ground applications, in both natural and man-made environments. Our experienced staff and 35,000 sq/ft comprehensive, commercial laboratory ensures we can meet any testing needs, on time and on budget.
At our headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO, we provide a wide range of experts services. 

Aerospace Radiation Effects Testing

Manage your risk of radiation damage well before the mission begins by ensuring your space-based electronics are radiation hardened. RTS engineers help you understand our wide range of radiation effects testing services and work with you to craft an appropriate and affordable testing solution for your needs. 

Satellite Electrical Systems Analysis

Our team validates your electrical circuit design, components and materials based on proven testing procedures and the valuable insights we provide. Our services can be scaled to handle any work volume, from small projects for aerospace start-ups to large engagements with military and government organizations. 

Aerospace Electronics Design

At RTS, our aerospace electronics engineers work collaboratively with your team to develop high-quality designs and to ensure that all safeguards have been considered to deliver the project on time, on schedule and on budget

Consult with Our Experts

Gain access to radiation effects engineers whenever the need arises. RTS' experts work closely with your team to find electrical, optical or thermal solutions that help ensure a successful product launch.

Resource Leveling

Expand or contract your radiation effects support staff without the overhead, training and investment required to employ full-time staff.
Whether you're a small company needing radiation effects expertise or a large organization looking for resource leveling to manage the cyclical requirements of your programs, RTS can support you with cutting-edge technology and extensive radiation effects expertise.
Radiation testing services for aerospace applications