Radiation Test Solutions, Inc.

Radiation Test Solutions, Inc. (RTS) specializes in the design, analysis, and testing of semiconductor devices and materials for satellite, aircraft, and ground applications, in both natural and man made environments.

We have merged the skills of system radiation effects engineers from aerospace firms with those skills that have been honed by decades of radiation effects testing.

Small Business Solutions: Gain access to radiation effects engineers as often or as little as needed. Our experts will work closely with your teams to find electrical, optical, or thermal solutions that will enable your products to perform in harsh radiation environments.

Whether you are a small company needing radiation effects expertise or a large company looking to provide resource leveling to manage the cyclical needs of your programs, RTS has the radiation effects expertise to support your needs.

Resource Leveling: Expand or contract your radiation effects support staff without the overhead, training, and investment of full-time staff.


The mission of Radiation Test Solutions, Inc. is to provide our customers with radiation effects analysis and testing that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and their expectations for quality, integrity, and reliability, while being consistent with industry standards.

We are committed to establishing objectives and processes to accomplish this and reviewing them as part of our culture of continuous improvement.